How to repair 8586 station.

  1. First moment - check, that all pins on the heater gun's connectors are on their positions - some pins could fall into the connector.
    So, if, for example, temperature sensors connector fell into the connector, you will see S-E on the display.
  2. This station could be based on MCU s3f94c4ezz-dk94 Zilog architecture, produced by Samsung. I found programmer for such MCUs here - . Datasheet is here - PS0315.pdf .
    You can buy s3f94c4ezz-dk94 MCU here. Software to programm this MCU POSSIBLE could be found here - .
  3. Heater driver of the device could be based on BTA16-600B triac. You can buy BTA16-600B triacs here. Datasheet for BTA16-600B triac - haopinfsj489ydf945dt.pdf
    The basic scheme to test triac:
  4. One guy made schematics for his 856D soldering station, it could be useful for rev. eng. of my 8586 soldering station - 858D_RevEng_Schematic.pdf . Source -
  5. My station has also BT136-600E triac - I still have not figured out, for what. Datasheet for BT136-600E - BT136-600E-352978.pdf
  6. 8586 ready to use PCBs could be found here - and here
  7. This station is also has 3041 (aka MOC3041) chip - Triac Driver Output Optocoupler. First datasheet - MOC3043M-D.pdf , second datasheet: MOC3042.pdf .
    Could be found here , direct link to the product sample with good price: .