How to reset Cisco PAP2T Internet Phone Adapter

I am faced with question, how to reset Cisco PAP2T Internet Phone Adapter to make him work with my telephony provider.
To make it, connect PAP2T to your router, that configured to work with this Adapter. My router configuration for my Interner and telephony provider are:
VID = 62
Priority = 5
So, in my case, I connected PAP2T Adapter to third port.
After that, pick up the phone. You will hear nothing from whone, only silence :).
Don't hang up and dial from phone keyboard:
***(wait 2 seconds)73738(wait 2 seconds)#(wait 2 seconds)1*
Or, another possible code:
After that PAP2T Adapter will be rebooted. When it reboot, it downloads all needed configurations from your service provider server. Of course, it will work, only if your service provider servers are provided auto-configuration for client devices. After PAP2T rebooted, you will hear long buzz in the hanged up phone.
Local copy of the PDF file: pap2t_user.pdf
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