Guide: Converting .wem to .ogg

1. Open folder, where your *.wem files are located.
2. Download and revorb.exe. Extract the ZIP archive. Then copy ww2ogg.exe, packed_codebooks_aoTuV_603.bin and revorb.exe into the folder with your *.wem files.
3. Now create a new text file in this folder, named convert.bat. Open this .bat file with notepad, then copy & paste the following lines. Then save and close Notepad.

        for %%f in (*.wem) do ww2ogg.exe %%f --pcb packed_codebooks_aoTuV_603.bin


        for %%f in (*.ogg) do revorb.exe %%f


4. Start the .bat file. It will unpack .wem files to the folder. These files can be played in any .ogg player. I recommend foobar2000 as it is easy to create playlists there, but any other programs (except Windows Media Player) will work as well.