Extracting data from *.oaf files.

To extract files from *.oaf files use quickbms http://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm (quickbms.zip) and script like this:

   idstring "OAF!"

        get unk01 short

        get unk02 short

        get unk03 short

        get unk04 short

        get nametableoff long

        get null long

        get files long

        get unk05 long

        savepos filetble

        for i = 0 < files

        goto filetble

        get offset long

        get type long

        get size long

        get zsize long

        get unk06 long

        savepos filetble

        goto nametableoff

        get name string

        savepos nametableoff

        if zsize == 0

        log name offset size


        clog name offset zsize size


        next i