Same Sex mod

This mod enables Try For Baby for same-sex sims couples on beds.
It also allows “Toilet Take Pregnancy Test” for male sims.
I was inspired by mod , when creating mine mod from scratch. It means, that my mod is not a fork from that mod, it’s made from scratch.
Right now, thanks to supporters, I am developing this mod in my free time. But, I want to make development of my mods project as my job. All of my creations are free, but I need money for life expenses. So, you can support my work by small donations on my Patreon page.
If you enjoy my Mods and want to support me you can do that on Patreon or :)
Additional Credits: 
  • Heidi Tilquin-Meyer ( ) for idea to create this mod.
  • Kuree and all the others at Sims4Group who have put together the S4PE tool.
  • Scumbumbo for his TS4 Extractor.
Current version: 2.1
Release date: 2017-07-28
Built with Game Version:
Download count:
Release info:
This mod was merged into the ArtUrlWWW Pregnancy Mega Mod. Same Sex Mod will not be supported - it’s too hard to make changes in both mods, so, I decided to merge it.
Before you download Pregnancy Mega Mod you should remove these files from your Mods directory to avoid conflicts: